How does Ad Mediation help Mobile Publishers?

Most of the mobile publishers have more inventory with them than they can sell through any single ad network. To make the most of their fill rates and to sell larger amount of their inventory, most publishers prefer working with several ad networks at the same time. Ad network performance varies for each publisher, as some networks offer better performance in particular demographics or specific industry as compared to others. Which means that some ad networks maybe able to generate more revenue for a publisher than other networks.

Ad mediation helps publishers in matching the right ad networks to the right inventory and monetize more of their brands. Mediation helps in increasing the fill rates, maximizing eCPMs, and helping publishers to generate maximum revenue possible from each and every impression, making it a very crucial monetization strategy for publishers.

How does Mobile Ad Mediation Work?

Ad mediation technology sends ad requests to a number of ad networks ensuring publishers are able to find the best available network for their ad slots. In the first stage, the publisher ranks ad networks in order of their preference. Then in the next stage, the mediation platform gets in touch with the top ad network. If the top ad network is not able to fill the ad request, the mediation platform then moves on to the next preferred ad network. This process continues till it is able to fill the ad request.

For each ad request, the mediation platform tries to get the best ad network matching the priorities set by the publisher. In most cases, publishers tend to choose the highest revenue option and rank the ad network which offers the highest eCPM. Sometimes a publisher may prefer a specific ad network because of the ad requests originating from that ad network’s home country.

They significant technical benefit of ad mediation is its ability to centralize access to ad networks with the help of a single SDK, instead of managing a number of SDK amalgamations directly. The single SDK approach helps publishers in adding and removing ad networks using the ad mediation platform, instead of publishing an app update for all available app stores.

Get Started:

The first step for a publisher and its ad mediation partner is prioritizing a list of ad networks to which inventory has to be allocated. To achieve this, publishers need to run a test with the mediation platform and rank the top performing ad networks first. Publishers will receive payments directly from each ad network. With hundreds of ad networks available, it is very necessary for the mobile publishers to choose an ad mediation partner which will help them maximize fill rates and eCPMs.

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With one SDK, each developer registered on the alphagravel platform can access intelligent automated mediation, price transparency, algorithmic smart routing, dynamic waterfalling, conversion optimization, automated fraud detection, along with a consolidated view of per second mobile advertising spend across 195 countries.

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