In-app advertising

In these changing times of technology, brands and advertising agencies cannot focus only on mobile Web. With the rapidly growing and changing apps and various in-app advertising offers, marketers are in a better position to target the right audience at the right time.

It’s is a universally known fact that there’s a disparity between the actual budget allocated and the amount of time spent by people on mobile. However, with the growing focus of the advertisers on using mobile to target their audience, this gap is expected to narrow down.

In comparison to mobile Web, in-app advertising is expected to offer a better solution for capturing the targeted consumers’ attention and at the same time encouraging them to interact with the marketer.

Presently, In-application advertising is the fastest growing form of mobile advertising in the market. As per BI Intelligence reports, United States app-install ad revenue is projected to grow to over $7 billion by year-end 2020

Time spent on Apps:

Just a few years ago, Facebook and Twitter dominated the mobile web scenario, but today the marketplace looks very different. Not only the growing exposure to social media is taking up the mobile user’s time, but an extensive range of apps are the reason for the extended time spent on mobile.

This is the primary reason that mobile users have slowly moved away from using their mobile browsers to concentrate more on the huge range of available mobile apps.

For example, Facebook who had almost zero marketing revenue jumped to earning 41 percent of their overall revenue through mobile app in just a span of a year. This huge change is mainly due to the increasing new mobile ad formats, which also includes the highly effective mobile video.

Click-through rates

Advertisers very well know that in-app advertising is actually much more than just hype. For example, in-app advertising offers a higher click-through rate as compared to the mobile web advertising. Medialets says, that the click-through rates for apps is 0.58 percent whereas mobile Web only has a 0.23 percent CTR.

Better targeting

Advertisements thorough in-app are displayed in the context of the app, meaning they are more naturally viewed rather than the interruption ads which are typically seen in browsers.

A number of apps also feature interactive ads.

To ensure a smooth transition for current users of the app, advertisers can display these ads at certain key points during the in-app experience, Other than this, when advertisers use mobile display advertising, they are able to understand and study their target audiences better. Reason being the apps have the ability to collect direct demographic and geo-location data. Under this technique the target audience has higher potential to be closely aligned to the marketing and advertising efforts whereby ensuring marketers are able to get the 

maximum value out of their ad campaigns

It can be easily concluded that in-app advertising offers numerous marketing opportunities and advertisers need to take full advantage of them.  By using in-app advertising, marketers will be able to shift away from unproductive and generalized ads.

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