Tips to increase your eCPM

eCPM is a term which is often talked about and used in the mobile advertising world. But it is not simple to understand and can be confusing, especially for new developers who want to earn money from their apps using in-app advertising.

What is eCPM?

eCPM is a measure used by an ad publisher to check their ad monetization performance. The full form of eCPM is “effective cost per thousand impressions,” meaning the ad revenue generated per 1,000 ad impressions.

Publishers having high eCPM means that the ads which are displayed on their app are doing their job users are being converted. The more the number of users are converted, the higher is the revenue generated for the publisher.

Tips to increase your eCPM: 1. Using an ad mediation platform

What is the meaning of ad mediation? Ad mediation is the supply-side platform which is integrated with a single SDK, allowing app publishers to manage several ad networks at the same time, making the complete app monetization process easier and simpler.

By using a mediation platform which ensures that the top performing campaigns are delivered to you first, it increases your eCPM quickly and easily.

2. Experimenting with different ad formats

There are a large number of ad formats available in the market today. Right from banners, offerwall, interstitials, video, etc., each format has its own special benefits. You need to keep checking frequently, to ensure which formats are performing well and which ones are not up to the mark. If you realize that a specific ad format is regularly delivering low eCPMs, you need to remove it from your marketing strategy. 

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