What is Mobile Ad-Network?

The popularity of mobile devices has been ever increasing over the years, and the number of users using PC has been on a decline. With this growing mobile internet popularity, the ad tech industry has been effectively responding to this change. With the increasing mobile-specific ad networks, selecting and choosing a reliable network is becoming more challenging for the businesses.

Principles of a mobile ad network

Basically the mobile ad network is an integrated system connecting the advertisers and publishers to match the ad inventory of suppliers according to the advertiser’s demands. A Mobile ad network brings together the inventory of unsold ads from different publishers and sells them to the advertisers. The marketers pay an amount to the publishers for advertising their brands on different mobile devices.

Pricing and Ad Formats

A large number of options are available for choosing an ad network, depending on the mobile marketing strategy. Factors like target audience, budget, goals etc. determine the choice of ad network. All different mobile ad networks offer users with a number of choices of ad campaigns, depending on what specific action they are charged for. 

CPM Mobile Campaign:

Cost per mile advertising model is a model where the advertiser is charged a fee each time the ads are shown 1,000 times.

CPC Mobile Campaign:

Cost per click advertising model is a method where the publisher is paid for every user click received on the ad. The Formula for calculation is CPC = Cost/Number of Clicks.

CPI Mobile Campaign:

Cost per install advertising is a model where the publisher is paid for each installation of mobile app which is linked to the ad. This means that the app owners are charged only on actual installation of the app and not by mere clicking of the ads. Formula for calculation is CPI = Cost/Number of Installs.

CPE Mobile Campaign:

Cost per engagement advertising is a model where the publisher is paid only after user interaction with an ad.

CPA Mobile Campaign:

Cost per acquisition advertising is where the publisher is paid for each action which is linked to a particular advertisement. For example registration by the user after installing an app.

CPCV Mobile Campaign:

Cost per completed view advertising pays the publisher each time a particular action is completed by the user. This method is mainly applicable for mobile ad networks which focus only on video ads.

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