Which Ad Formats are the best for Monetization?

One of the crucial decisions developers need to make when planning their ad monetization strategy, is choosing the right ad formats for their app. A large number of ad formats are available to choose from, hence there is no reason to interrupt the user experience with inappropriate or unneeded ads. Alternatively, developers can improve the user experience by projecting ad units which offer unique content, rewards, or some special user benefit.

The two key points to consider when choosing the right ad format for an app is the complexity of the app or game. It needs to be seen how the complexity influences statistics like session time and repeat visits. The second point is the mechanics of the virtual economy.

Listed below are four of the most popular ad units, an insight on them will help you decide, which is the most appropriate option for your game or app.

1. Rewarded Video

Rewarded video ads are full-screen advertisements played in between the game or in the app, offering players a reward in exchange for watching them.


Video ads can be striking and entertaining on their own, making them less likely to earn negative feedback. When the reward is attached to a prized in-game or in-app benefit like acquiring new weapons in an action packed game, or added credits in a messaging or chatting app, users are more likely to repeatedly get involved in the video.


2. Offer Wall

The Offer Wall is an opt-in ad unit which allows users to select relevant offers like, downloading an app and completing the tutorial, or entering personal information to avail a free trial. On selecting these offers, the users are then rewarded with in-app currency to use.

Offer Wall units allow users to be in charge, whereby giving them a chance to earn as much in-game or in-app currency they like. They can select the offers which are most appealing to them. Depending on factors like the target audience and time of year, offer wall units provide very high eCPMs cumulatively. Offer Wall ads are more suitable and useful for use in mid-core titles and apps which have a strong virtual economy, like simulation games or strategy games.

3. Banners

Banners are the original digital form of advertising. They usually include an image with easy-to-read text and a call to action. On clicking the banner, the user is linked to the advertiser’s website.

Banners are the most commonly used ad format. They require very less effort to integrate, and at the same time give developers access to huge budgets from advertisers and exchanges. Banners are also great for monetizing users in regions not supporting ad formats like videos due to their higher-bandwidth. They are most suitable to use in simple games with no virtual economy or apps using lower bandwidth.

4. Interstitials

Interstitials are static, rich media or video ads that cover the full screen when the app is loading.

Interstitials are very simple to integrate and are good options as enhancements to other ad units.  


Hybrid Interstitials functionality allows developers to not only choose static or video interstitials, but helps in mixing both the formats in order to avoid user exhaustion with either of the format. Interstitials are best for games or apps which take a longer time to load between different levels.

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